Old Tavern Farm strives to bring you the freshest, highest quality produce, meats and other provisions. We want our community to be able to choose locally produced, sustainable and minamally processed foods.

Quality & safety - growing & raising fresh, high quality, nutritional foods right here in your community. Your health is our first concern; from your food choices, to how we harvest, wash and pack your produce. Low touch means less likely sources of contamination. Adhering to VDACS food safety handling guideline and GAP (good agricultural practices) means your can be confident every effort is taken to ensure you and your family’s health.


Value - providing good foods at affordable prices. We appreciate your choice to spend your dollars on our products. We always strive for satisfied patrons. Your dollars stay in your community: we are small, local and family owned business. We employ from our community and we spend locally. The cycle continues.


Sustainability - our foods are grown and raised the “old fashioned” way, using sustainable and regenerative practices; such as crops rotations, cover cropping & composting, rotational grazing and natural inputs. Buying local means your food is not shipped hundreds of miles allowing for a low carbon footprint. We are caretakers of the land for future generations.


Animal welfare - our livestock are provided with room to roam, fed the highest quality locally grown & milled non-GMO feeds and cared for with humanity and compassion. Even when the life cycle ends, our primary packing facility is designed by Temple Grandin, noted consultant for humane treatment of livestock and faculty staff at Univerity of Colorado, Animal Sciences.